Phillipston is just another small town in Pennsylvania that time has almost forgotten. Once located on a busy train line, the only travelers now that pass through Phillipston are those following the Armstrong Rails to Trails.  Despite how small Phillipston is, there is actually a decent amount of exploring to be done.

Brady’s Bend Overlook

The Brady’s Bend Overlook is a 1,500ft high overlook due north of Phillipston.

Phillipston Turntable

Operated up until the 1980’s, this turntable was completed in 1877.  Used to spin engines 180 degrees, it serviced a 13 track yard.

Brady Tunnel

The area of rail near Phillipston and Easy Brady saw 5 passenger trains and 25 freight trains a day in the early 1900’s.  Construction on the Brady Tunnel began in early 1913.  The 2,468ft tunnel cut 5.36 miles off the route.  Construction of the tunnel took 3 years.