Grab the Il Castello di Buriano geocache before heading out.

Italy is filled with villages built high up on ridge lines.  Buriano is an excellent example of an Italian hilltop village that was built in the Early Middle ages.

The entire city can be explored in under an hour.  We weren’t able to find a coffee shop in the older part of town, so don’t plan on stopping for a coffee.


Mimosa’s in Bloom

This area of Italy is amazing to drive through in the late part of February.  Visitors will be able to stand on a ridge line and see hundreds of giant mimosa if full bloom.


Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Free parking, basically any spot not surrounded by blue painted lines and not blocking a gate, is available shortly before arriving at the church.


Fortress of Buriano

Built in the 10th century AD, this fortress was once the seat of the Aldobrandeschi family.


Hermitage of San Guglielmo

I did not know about this hermitage before our trip.  It looks like an amazing place, so I think we’ll probably be making a second trip to this area.