When my wife asked if we could spend Christmas in Switzerland, in the Alps, who was I to deny her.  The organization she works for has a chalet in Adelboden so we decided to make the drive up for a couple days over Christmas.

If you plan on driving in Switzerland, make sure you purchase the vehicle decal that authorizes you to drive on the interstates.

Switzerland is an amazing country, although a bit more expensive than most of our adventures, and fairly easy to visit.  It is part of the Schengen Area, so as long as you have already entered via another Schengen Area member, you won’t need any special paperwork or visa to enter Switzerland.

We planned on doing a good bit of skiing and snowboarding during our adventure, but the weather had other plans.

These are the mountains that were set to host the Ski World Cup in only a few short days.


Withing walking distance of Adelboden’s center, there are three amazing waterfalls.


These falls can be reached by foot in about an hour from the city center. The initial climb up from the valley floor is a little steep as you pass Our Chalet, but the hike is well worth it. If you have children, and can only pick one waterfall to see, pick this one. But make sure you visit the Magic Tree which I have marked on the map.


This is a slot canyon located north of Adelboden. During the winter and rainy season, I believe it is closed to the public, but if you’re adventurous enough, it’s easy enough to visit.

I’m told that during the summer months, people repel into this canyon from the rim.

From the city center, this is a fairly easy hike which should take less than two hours.

Make sure to visit the woodcarver’s hut and their neighbor. The lady next door sells amazing lemon cake and coffee.

 Engstligen falls

This hike is a little longer than the others that I have mentioned. Engstligen falls is the second tallest waterfall in Switzerland. It’s possible to hike from the bottom to the top via a path, however, it was snowing when we visited and the path was closed. The trail will take you to the Engstligenalp.