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I am a modern day adventurer. Whether eating dinner at a corner shop in Istanbul or hiking through the Ozarks, I'm finding unrestricted travel.

I lived in Italy for five years, England for a few years and have called 10 US states my home.

I believe that we are all given one life to live, we can't take our money with us when we die, so there is no time like now to get out and experience the world.

Xenophobia is a plague on mankind. I strive to make the world a better place with Unrestricted Travel.


  • Four generations of my family vacationed in Egypt at the same time. My grandmother was 69 at the time and my son (her great grandson) was 7 at the time.
  • Went skydiving with my dad and brother.
  • Received my advanced open water diving certification during a trip to the Red Sea.
  • Used my mom as a co-driver for an offroad vehicle endurance race.
  • Flew in a T-34C Turbo Mentor with a naval aviation instructor.
  • Raced a mountain bike through the longest Alpine fortification with 3,400 steps.
  • Hiked part of the Appalachian Trail with my wife.
  • Only American to race in a world championship 24 hour solo mountain bike race.


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