“Want to go riding in Colorado” seems like such a simple question. Who wouldn’t want to go adventure riding in the Rockies? Never mind that Colorado is 1500 miles away from where I live. Never mind that I don’t have a way to get a motorcycle to Colorado. All minor details.

With every adventure comes the required gear review. Deciding which gear I don’t have and which gear is absolutely needed for an adventure. My new Husqvarna 701 needed a few items: Acerbis handguards, AXP Racing skid plate, and Mosko Moto Reckless 40L saddlebags. I also purchased two 1.5L Primo fuel bottles, which fit perfect in the Reckless 40L even though it’s advertised as only having space for 1L bottles.

After spending all summer trying, unsuccessfully, to replace the 22re motor in my 1994 Toyota Pickup in the hopes that I could use it to haul my Husqvarna 701 to Colorado, I finally gave up and rented a truck. With an overnight stop in Missouri to pick up a friend and his motorcycle, the drive to Colorado went very smoothly.

What followed was 1300 miles of some of the hardest trails in the US over the course of 5 days. We rode to over 12,000 feet at least 5 times.  Trails include, but aren’t limited to

  • Pennsylvania Gulch
  • Switzerland Trail
  • Mosquito Pass
  • Black Bear Pass
  • Pearl Pass
  • Tincup Pass
  • Engineer Pass
  • Cinnamon Pass
  • Red Cone Pass
  • Spring Creek
  • Ophir Pass